Mir Pur

The largest and capital city of Mirpur District is Mirpur and even it is the largest cities in the area of Jammu Kashmir directed by Pakistan. In summers it is quiet hot in Mirpur as it connects northern plains of the Punjab. Mirpur itself has been modernized where as other areas nearer to it remains agricultural. Due to its huge buildings and large bungalow-houses it has become very famous city. As a number of people living in England live here that’s why it is also known as “Dusra England”. Millet is the main crop that is cultivated here. In addition to that other crops like wheat, vegetables and maize are also produced in other places of this region. In the entire region the districts stands unique due to the production of electricity through Mangla Dam.It is located at 459 meters above sea-level and is associated with the main Peshawar-Lahore grand trunk road at Dina Tehsil. Mirpur is the head quarter of Mirpur District, which encompasses two divisions and these divisions are known as Mirpur and Dadyal. Mirpur has successfully developed as an industrial place by the government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Moreover the government has promoted private investment for establishing synthetic yarn, textile, foam, ready-made garments, cosmetic, soap, marble, polypropylene, wood and sawmills, matches, vegetable oil, motorbikes and scooters, rosin, turpentine industrial units in the area, but to obtain high quality products the infrastructure still needs some improvement.

Source: Mir Pur


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