7 Lessons From Living in Thailand

I’ve heard so many people visit Thailand and it seems like everybody gets a different experience. I think this also applies to me as well because I didn’t head there as your regular tourist who would climb on every touristy attraction and travel the whole country in 2 weeks. No, not me. Instead, I lived in a small town called Chiang Mai for over 2 months and this is my 7 lessons I gathered from this experience. 1. It’s hot and humid. Very humid.This might come as a no brainer to most people, but this humidity is something completely different from the warmer places of Europe. As someone from a land that is cover in snow more often than it sees positive degrees this was quite the shocker – namely the humidity was to this effect that you could sweat by just sitting out side. 2. The people are really friendly.At first I thought that they were just trying to please the tourists, but this is The Land of Smiles after all and you can really tell that people genuinely want to help you even if they don’t speak a single word of English.3. The food is awesome.I tried to stick to the less traditional touristy food such as Padthai and sticky mango rice, but I simply couldn’t resist. 4. There are no kitchensLiterally. Thai people are used to living without kitchens. No fridge, no sink, no kitchen tables. Simply, because everybody prefers eating outside.5. Public Taxis are a thingNo, I’m not talking about Uber. Songahaws or “red cars” is a new concept I found – much like public taxi, anybody can join on your “taxi” to head to his designation and with miraculously cheap price. Less than a dollar for few miles, even. 6. Cheap massage, but amazing massageThat’s something I got completely addicted to, as pretending to be a “local” I had to stop by quite a few massage salongs. The prices can’t be beat!7. The traffic and roads are poor for walkingSometimes you just take things for granted. I’ve always preferred walking to school, work or grocery store. That’s just something you won’t be able to do in Thailand because in a lot of places there’s just nowhere to walk. I headed back to Europe for Christmas, but I’ll move to Thailand for quite a few years pretty soon!

Source: 7 Lessons From Living in Thailand


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