Common tradition that is practiced by all people in the world. However, it turns out did you know that in some parts of the world there are some unique tradition of greeting. Each country has always had its own characteristics and different cultures, one way to greet others. Here are some unique ways when greeting in several countries in the world. Let’s read: 1. kiss on the cheek in the west Some countries do greeting with a kiss on the cheek right and left friends they meet. Greetings western culture is becoming common. If in Indonesian culture greeting kiss on the cheek to be done by most women.2. cupped hands You must also know how to greet the following, right? How to say hello which is usually done by people of Nepal, India, and Thailand.3. Bow For how to greet this one carried out by the people of Japan and Korea. Greetings like this are usually done to greet an older person. This greeting is done when introducing myself, thank you, and goodbye.4. Clap hands B’timers probably have never heard of the country doing the greeting by clapping. This activity is done by the people of Zimbabwe. How this is done as an expression greeting hello and goodbye.5. Saying the word ‘wawawa’ In Papua was also a tradition of greeting is quite strange. They will shake your hand while saying the word “wawawa” which means welcome and thanks. Unique, huh?6. Hongi



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