Discovering Hidden Gems with International Tourism

Experiencing a new way of living in a completely different environment and conversing with local people are some things that can be done by travelling the globe. Such cultural and adventurous ventures also take people through the major highlights of a particular country, creating unforgettable moments in the process.

Today, international tourism is the main contributor in the economy of many countries. A lot of effort is being put in by nations on tourism advertising to draw more vacationers than ever before.

Places like Paris, Switzerland, Australia and Bangkok are some of the most visited destinations that do not need any introduction. But, in the present scenario, frugal and flexible travellers are looking beyond the major attractions towards the lesser-known ones.

Here are six less-thronged yet amazing places that can be visited on a global tour.

Canada This North American country is home to various metropolitan cities that have never disappointed their visitors. Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are the delightful Canadian cities that are dotted with historical landmarks, iconic museums and shopping venues, and offer outdoor activities. The vast expanse of natural beauty found in lakes, falls, glaciers and forests, has made Canada an unparalleled destination for those, who are looking for peace. Niagara Falls, Banff National Park, Rocky Mountains, Whistler, Bay of Fundy and CN Tower are some places of interest that dominate articles on Canada in almost every international travel guide.



Marked by the Andean mountains, coffee plantations, Caribbean coast and rainforests, Columbia is the northern tip of South America. For ages, it had been overlooked in favour of other destinations, but it has its own charm and inviting vibe that are now catching the global fancy.

Visitors can start their vacation with a tour of Cartagena, known for its churches, museums and palaces depicting colonial architecture. The capital city, Bogota, also referred to as the Athens of South America, has well-known attractions like the Gold Museum, Colombian National Museum and Monserrate.



Officially called the Commonwealth of Dominica, it abounds with natural beauty in the form of rainforests, hot springs, lakes and waterfalls. About two-thirds of the island-country is covered with tropical rainforests, making it ideal for wildlife enthusiasts.

Apart from sweeping lookouts, the island is also famous for featuring a blend of cultures. Hiking and diving are two incredible outdoor activities that can be undertaken by those coming here.


Boasting a rich heritage, Oman is an almost undiscovered country in the Gulf region. For visitors, Oman offers a rare chance to stay in different landforms like a vast desert, pristine coastal region and imposing mountains. De

Source: Discovering Hidden Gems with International Tourism


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