ARGENTINA 4/9: Travel Stories from Córdoba

The next leg of the Argentina journey took us to Córdoba, from where we did a whole new level of wonderful and exciting things.  Upon arrival in Córdoba we didn’t feel like wasting any more pesos on a taxi to our hostel, so we took a little stroll down town and as we realised we were way too early for check in, decided to relax and recompose ourselves in this absolutely awesome park. The Circles for Yeard Super Park has a permanent installation of hundreds of rings, slithering through the large park in commemoration for the bicentennial of Argentina in 2010.

For a little side story – as we were chilling and exploring the hundreds of rings, we found a wallet filled with someone’s belongings and credit cards and ID etc. There was no way of contacting the person as we couldn’t find any cell number anywhere (Yes, yes, we did look through it but only to find the owner’s details!) so we decided to get creative to solve this problem. One of the membership cards in the wallet was for a Polo club somewhere down town, so obviously – with Phil, my brother being super into Polo after having worked on a Polo farm for the previous few months… we just had to try catching the guy’s details there. AND WE DID!

We wandered to the Polo club in hopes of returning this poor man’s belongings, and just like some romantic movie where the guy returns a girl’s jersey that she had dropped purposefully to meet him, or like in Miranda when Stevie and Miranda fight over who gets to return the beautiful man’s wallet – we got to give him his things back. But without any of the romantic background (it was an old man….).

Finally, after a long morning walking around. We headed to our hostel – TANGO hostel.  Initially, we wanted to head out for lunch or dinner or explore the university in Córdoba, but unfortunately we soon found out it was voting day and therefore everything was closed. So we headed to the nearest corner shop to get some instant soup mix and made a very burnt and distasteful late lunch/dinner. Luckily our hostel

Source: ARGENTINA 4/9: Travel Stories from Córdoba


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