The Folded Lotus Bud

The representation of the Lotus flower is a symbol of fortune in Buddhism. The Lotus flower grows in murky water, thus rising and blooming above the muddy depths achieving enlightenment.

Sometimes the Lotus bud is carefully opened and folded resembling open flowers. These flowers are often used at festivals such as Loy Krathong to float upon rivers and lakes. Loy Krathong sometimes spelled Loy Kratong or Loi Kratong, is a vibrant festival held every year on the full moon of the twelfth month in the Thai Lunar Calendar.

This colorful Thai festival of Love sees young lover will go out in pairs placing of thousands of floating Lotus flowers on rivers and lakes The Lotus Flower by Javajamez.

For more information regarding Thailand please click the link below

Source: The Folded Lotus Bud


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