ARGENTINA: Travel stories from La Boca

So from Buenos Aires, we headed through to La Boca for the day to soak up some colour and admire the wonderful vibes. The story goes, that those who lived here back in the day were all dock workers and therefore really quite poor, the shack like houses and buildings are proof that they made their homes with whatever materials they could get in hand. This includes the colourfulness – they could only get scrap paint left over from painted boats, and therefore could only colour small pieces at a time – resulting in the creative colourfulness that is now a huge tourist attraction in Argentina.

In the area of La Boca Juniors – La Bombonera (which in english means “little chocolate box”. Painted also in strong yellows and blues it fits in just wonderfully into its surroundings.  The most touristy of it all, amidst all the poverty stricken streets surrounding La Boca, is the Caminito.

This is the “main street” where there are all sorts of memorabilia being sold, lots of quaint and lovely restaurants and a million and five (not really) Tango dancers roaming the street pulling in as many tourists possible in to teach them how to Tango for a peso or two.

Source: ARGENTINA: Travel stories from La Boca


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