Pieces Of San Diego

This will be an ongoing blog article that will allow me to share my photography of San Diego, California and surrounding communities (La Jolla, Mission Beach, Mission Bay, etc.).

Also, I will share some of my experiences and the background related to the photographs. Photography for me, is a blend of creativity and commerce. I do not consider myself as being particularly artistic, but all human beings are imbued with a creative spark. I use photography to help me access that inherent creativity. I also utilize my photography for commerce in the form of selling photographic prints, and selling my photos via stock photography agencies. I am quite honored when an individual or business makes the choice to use one of my photographs for their specific endeavors, or to bring my photographic print art into their homes and lives. Enjoy the photos, Joseph.

Visit my photo website to view more photos or purchase prints. The iconic and oft-photographed Scripps Pier at La Jolla Shores Beach. View from the bluffs along the La Jolla coastline. The city/peninsula of the city of La Jolla in the background.

The iconic Surf Shack at Windansea Beach. Long exposure used to create the streaking effect of the clouds. The Ocean Beach Pier captured in the early morning with the rising Sun coloring the wonderful clouds formations.

Source: Pieces Of San Diego


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