Fakarava, French Polynesia – My Favorite Lesser-Known Island Worth Exploring!

Everyone needs a little rest & relaxation (R & R) after many months of hard work. So why not go on a vacation to a lesser—known island where you can relax? Fakarava is one such destination. It is a lesser-known International beach, and it does not show on every map. Visiting Fakarava gives guests an opportunity to be fulfilled with the “discovering” fabulous deserted beaches, off-the-beaten-path island destination and a fascinating culture. Also, it is a private island that will sets you up with your … kayaking, pareo demonstrations and beach games.Fakarava, French Polynesia Island is a safe and sound world where relaxation and oceangoing life lives in coordination with the land and water. You don’t have to work hard to afford to go to Fakarava, French Polynesia Island, but you surely need to travel a little longer to get there. Families will love visiting Fakarava. It is the ideal spot for families to play an excellent game of volleyball on a beautiful beach.

One of the best things to do in Fakarava is excursion and fishing. The water is crystal clear alongside beautiful pink sand beaches and the people living there are so nice, displaying the best hospitality. Things not to miss – must-see things in Fakarava, French Polynesia Island• Rotoava village• All types of diving – a diver’s paradise• Visit to Pearl farms• Beautiful Coral Garden• Rare bird and sea turtle watching• Unique fauna and flora• Fascinating white and pink sand beachesThings families will love to do in Fakarava, French Polynesia Island• Watching dolphins and swimming with them• Scuba Diving and other unique underwater encounters• Hiking in Marquesas• Fishing• Watching the whales swim or swimming with them• Picnics• Drink good fresh real coconut juice • Shark & Ray feeding Two Things to know about Fakarava, French Polynesia Island1. Fakarava is home to the second largest lagoon in the Tuamotu Atolls.2. It is the six surrounding atolls, as a recognized area and has been a UNESCO-protected biosphere since 2006.Why is Fakarava a must- visit place?Fakarava, French Polynesia Island is the ideal spot for leisure and relaxation. It is a must-visit place for families who want to experience the best places to discover the magic of getting together to go on a drift dive. Families have a choice to go at their pace, see which direction they face and observe the playful sea lions up close or swim next to the most impressive species. Also, Fakarava, French Polynesia Island can bring fulfillment to any new vacation as f a family can share special moments. It has a selection of desserts that can create tantalizing memories with the Polynesian ambiance and rhythm, thus bringing alive the promise of a change in location, into a place filled with scenery, relaxation, adventure and authenticity. It is the ideal place for bird watching where you can get to see rare birds; sea turtle watching, whale and dolphin watching; excellent beachfront restaurants; and a bunch of exotic plants and crustaceans. Fakarava, French Polynesia Island is located 450km / 279 miles north-east of Tahiti (flight time: 1hour 10 minutes). If you are interested in making a memorable vacation with your family to Fakarava, French Polynesia Island, grab more formation at http://www.borabora.com/french-p

Source: Fakarava, French Polynesia – My Favorite Lesser-Known Island Worth Exploring!


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