21 days to go

You might ask me to what? Well it is my big adventure around the world (take off planned for Jan 8th 09.00 when I will to be on a plane headed for ASIA). I will be experiencing every country I visit and the list is long. Eating the local food, enjoying the hospitality given by the locals, meeting new people and of course my main aim to take photographs of anything interesting, stunning beaches and vistas and of course the quirky things and the places I see.My work colleagues are an odd but friendly bunch of people. I think most of them do not believe that I am actually going around the world and will be back in the New Year for work. I know some of them are encouraging me to go, some are not interested and some are just plain jealous of what I am about to do.The question I ask myself is am I ready for this adventure?, which has been in the planning stages for around 4 years now, the answer to that is yes and no.


It is stepping put into the unknown as it is not like a normal holiday where you go for a week or two and then come back to work. No I am going for at least a year and visiting around 20 countries plus and I have the mindset that I am probably not coming back to the UK any time soon. I may make a home elsewhere in the world, exactly where that is I do not know at present, I am sure this will become apparent when I need to stop for more than a few weeks. The sorting out of my stuff has become apparent this week,(due to only 21 days left before I fly and there is an added problem of Christmas/New year in between now and my flight!) and really need to sort out what paperwork I need to keep and what to throw away, I know what I am doing with most of the other items, but I still seems to have a lot of stuff. I think when a charity comes and collects the items I am donating to them, then I can see a clear way to being almost ready just need to wash and iron for one last time the clothes I am taking with me. I have been on long trips before, for example with very little planning I did go to Asia before mainly Thailand and Malaysia this was supposedly for max 5 months, but some how when you are sitting on a tropical beach, or enjoying a meal for less than £2 with friends you meet. You look at life differently and then you look up at what is happening in UK/Europe, the weather and other things etc. I asked myself do I want to go back to this?, in short the answer was no. However somehow this sort of unplanned trip of 5 months turned into 19 months away and apart from a few weeks of uncertainly due to money mainly I survived. This time I have planned the money much better and I will be OK on that front for at least 18-24 months without earning anything. OK this is now getting real, whilst writing this, I remembered as Christmas is getting all too close, I had better set up the re-direction for my post, which I have just done, thankfully you can do this online now and not have to go to the post office get a form and send it off, all done is less than 10 minutes. Well it is now off for a quick visit to the shops for food and then tackling the task of the paper work!.

Source: 21 days to go


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