ARGENTINA: Travel Stories from San Antonio De Areco

A little while away from Buenos Aires, is a tiny little Gaucho village with the name of San Antonio De Areco. A Gaucho is the South American term for a cowboy from Las Pampas (the lowlands of Argentina). In further posts you will see that we spent a day with a Gaucho roaming the sierras of Cordoba on horseback – but thats another story for another time.

For now, we are in San Antonio de Areco, the small small village with really not much to do except relax and soak up some sun rays on the beautiful parks and gardens that pretty much make up the majority of the village. We mainly came here to purchase some gaucho accessories to take home as gifts for the family – including some beautifully done leather steak knives, and of course some Alpargatas. These are chilled and comfortable shoes – which come in oh so many colours – which to choose!?

Most of the shops and cafes were closed on the day we were there as it was a public holiday for voting (If my memory serves me correctly) so after a strole around town we managed to grab a bite to eat and some ice cream and then did a lot of that relax and reposing on the grassy plains.

Source: ARGENTINA: Travel Stories from San Antonio De Areco


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