One of the main attractions of Aegina is that it is a real living and working island. Thankfully not a victim of mass tourism, Aegina is the perfect destination for the independent traveller who yearns to experience some reality of the country he or she is visiting.  Ferry from peiraias to Agia MarinaThose who are well travelled in Greece will note that Aegina is not as “manicured” as some islands popular with foreign tourists.

It hosts mainly local Athenians visiting for the weekend.One of the joys of travel is to experience local food and drink. Aegina is one of the last remaining places on earth without a MacDonald’s, unlike many other Greek holiday destinations you will be glad to note the absence of billboards advertising “full English breakfast” or “chicken schnitzel”. Agia MarinaAt breakfast, do as the Greeks do and simply enjoy a slow coffee at one of the sea-front cafes. Snack on fresh cheese and spinach pastries from the bakery.

By Aegina port. A true delight is ouzo with appetisers or a cold beer in the sunny afternoon. Finally, finish your day as you started by doing as the locals do and enjoy a late dinner in one of the fantastic ταβέρνας (tavern). Salad, fresh fish, grilled meat…. Seafood platter Per myth, the island took its name from Nymph, daughter of the river god Asopos, who Zeus fell in love with and took with him to the island.

Even though the island is only small it boasts a great number of sights and natural beauties, one of the highlights is the 500 BC Doric Temple of Aphaia Athena. Temple of Aphaia Ekklisia Agios Nektarios is one of the largest monasteries in the Balkans. It was built in the 20th Century between 1904 and 1910. Map

Source: Aegina


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