Free Delights: Boston’s all day long market hangout

Free Delights: Boston’s day long hangout marketSummer time in Boston is of course really touristic and being outdoor has many many compensations… here is one place I landed up with no money… was just out on a stroll and believe it or not, I spent the whole day…. like 6-7 hours full entertained with not a dime spent!!


Faneuil Hall is nearly 300 year old marketplace by the waterfront and part of the Freedom Trail, has been turned into a lively plaza with non stop entertainment: clowns, street performers, musicians, dancers… its a playground where you pay for nothing unless you need to eat or shop… food options are many but being without my wallet i chose to watch and cheer and even found a free book shelf – the sun was warm and the breeze cool… park benches inviting and i read through a thriller in like two hours interspersed with many a chat with passersby.



Boston is a young city and students find this place a great dating spot… so lively and charming…  many make a living making portraits and reading poetry…. I watched tourist go giddy shopping… lots of sales and carts with quaint stuff.


I know i would have taken some too but luckily all i had with me was my camera. Never a dull moment… i went there thrice and it is different everyday!

Source: Free Delights: Boston’s all day long market hangout


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