Must visit Cat Islands of Japan!

I never loved cats but my sons do! In fact we have four in our home. My husband also liked them sleeping near our bed. What can I do? I lose! Six against one! With some debates going on of who is  more superior , dogs or cats, everybody will agree that this fur balls have an edge when it comes to tranquility. I would visit an island full of cats than an island full of dogs. Yay! Fasten your boat belts!All in all, Japan have 11 cat islands. You can find hundreds of them in the islands of;1. Enushima, Kanagawa prefecture. The closest station is Katase, Enoshima. It is an island near Tokyo where a famous shrine inside a cave is located. Residents and tourists also frequent the beaches on summertime.2.Okishima, Shiga Prefecture. Nearest port is Horikiri. Okishima is actually a floating island in the middle of Lake Biwa, the largest fresh water depository in Japan. With only almost 400 residents which uses bicycle as their mode of transportation there is no danger for any feline to be hit by a car.3.Sanagishima,Kagawa Prefecture. Nearest port is Tadotsu. Place is located in the inland sea, a fishing community blessed with a temperate climate.4. Aoshima,Ehime Prefecture. Nearest port is Nagahama. Aoshima is the most sparsely populated of all the cat islands with only 15 permanent resident outnumbered many times by its feline residents.Don’t forget to buy food or other supplies with you when going in the boat. There is no restaurant or a hotel in the island.5.Muzukijima,Ehime Prefecture. This is unlike other cat islands. Instead of a fishing community this one is covered with citrus groves keeping Ehimes image in growing the best citrus fruits in Japan.6.Manabeshima, Okayama Prefecture.Closest port is Kasaoka. This island is located 19 miles off the coast of Honshu. The island isolation helped preserved its beauty and the most popular choice by film crews.7.Iwaishima, Yamaguchi Prefecture. Nearest port is Yanai.The last stop in the inland sea.8. Aijima, Fukuoka Prefecture. Nearest port is Kokura. This one of the easiest cat islands for tourist to get to because a Shinkansen bullet train stops just a few minutes walk where tourist can catch a boat to Fukuoka.9. Aishima, Fukuoka Prefecture. Nearest port is Shingu. A heart shaped island. 10.Genkaishima, also in Fukuoka Prefecture. Nearest port is Hakata. Located in Fukuoka city, prefectural and largest city in the region. It is also home to Japan’s largest island based cat population.11. Kadarashima, Saga Prefecture.Nearest port is Yobuko. Here is a legend they hold long ago where a dog earned the wrath of a kadarashima deity which drive the canines away and never come back. Enjoy your feline tour!

Source: Must visit Cat Islands of Japan!


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