Dubai Miracle Garden

I lived and worked in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for almost 3 years before going back to my home country. And during my stay there I’d been lucky enough to see what the country can offer to a wandering soul like me. One of my favorite tourist spots in the city is the Dubai Miracle Garden which is located at Al Barsha.

It is one of the biggest garden in the region that showcased a variety of immense sculptures and designs. Feast your eyes on flower structures of the Eiffel Tower, giant blooming clock with matching coo-coo sounds every hour, Switzerland’s windmills, and Disney’s Cars. Marvel at the scenery, or take a stroll under a ceiling of colourful umbrellas.


Bursting with vibrant displays, the park feels more like an immersive art exhibit than a tourist attraction. You’ll leave knowing you’ve truly witnessed a miracle: a mega garden in the middle of a desert. Here’s some of the photos that I’d taken. Enjoy.

Source: Dubai Miracle Garden