Chiang Mai – Thailands jewel of the North

Night market..Chiang Mai is a city in northern Thailand. It was founded in 1296 with its old city area still visible with it’s walls and moats from years gone by.I love Bangkok, but Chiang Mai just has that special something…This is a place to relax after the chaos of southern Thailand and recharge your batteries with fabulous food and leisurely wandering. We stayed at Hollandra Montri guesthouse in Charoenrat Rd, situated on the banks of the Mae Ping river.


What a joyous experience! Hollanda M0ntri guest houseAs this guesthouse was not too far from the city, we took a leisurely walk every evening to the various markets. The Sunday Night market stood out as a ‘must see’ event. Day trips can be arranged by your guesthouse proprietors – we thoroughly enjoyed our trip which included elephant rides, Elephant rideslow river rides, walks to a farm, swimming under MaeWang falls.

MaeWang Waterfall. We also took a trip up to Doi Suthep to admire the view over the entire city from there. Another ‘must see’ moment.

Source: Chiang Mai – Thailands jewel of the North


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