Psychology behind chosen travel destination

I have been always fascinated with way how people decide where to travel and how to travel. In  a way price is one of the main factor i would say but its not just that. We are all different and we have different needs and interest when we travel. For some is culture an important to see, for some nature , for some just to fit their budget and free time.My personal experience with choosing where to go show me few aspects of these psychology. Im a nature lover and i love to see great scenery and amazing nature. Thats one of the thing that im looking at. Also more than important is the price of the transportation and of course the price of accommodation in certain area. After this important for me is the cultural impact from the travel. For those who need visas also one of the very important thing is to have a all documents before you start your travel.So in this case you can`t choose a destination where you cant get visa.Also its different when we travel in groups or we travel solo. When we travel solo is easier for us to make a plan, if is group or at least another person with us we need to take his/her destination and plans as well. At the end but not last is the time we have , if we have more we tend to plan longer trips if we have less we tend to do short visits.As a travel blogger i always tend to go to different places in order to get more experience. As a dj i was traveling to all this parties with a different purpose and i was enjoying in a different way.For more stories you can check my blog

Source: Psychology behind chosen travel destination


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