ARGENTINA: Travel stories from Buenos Aires

ARGENTINA, the land of red meat and red wine and a multitude of other red things in between. This is the first post of a series of little travel stories about my short trip to Argentina with my brother, Phil.

He had been staying in Argentina for over a month working on a Polo farm, trying to perfect his Spanish when he invited me over to come and do some more exploring with him. This means that he planned everything we did and I was in the dark until every morning of, hence it was a trip full of surprises, shocks and lovely relaxation. I first arrived in BUENOS AIRES where we walked around the city exploring the beautiful monuments including the Obelisk, and the Monumento al General Manuel Belgrano (which was cooler for Phil than for me because he knew we’d be going to Villa General Belgrano later on in the trip – a small gaucho town which will be written about in another post later on!)We also ambled around and found the house of Cristina Fernández de Kirchner – the president of Argentina at that time and found out that there were a lot of negative opinions about her and so there were gates and barricades placed all around – inhibiting pretty photos of the pretty pink building!

A favourite was here when we took a photo at the monument of the May revolution, and all the doves took flight just as the stranger taking the photo decided to click which created this beautifully active photograph! A MUST DO for future travellers is to head to the Galleria Pacifico mall, which sounds just like any old shopping mall and therefore not quite a must do… but when you get there you’ll know why. It has the most magnificently wondrous mural ceilings that make you stare in awe – as if you’re in the oldest of cathedrals or a fabulously ancient museum.  Evening strolls in the Puerto Madero commercial district may land you walking along La Plata River and being tempted to stop and have some food or just a drink or two at the numerous cafes and bars along the promenade. The photo I am sharing is just of the river and not the infamous Puente de La Mujer (the fabulous rotating bridge) – but this is so that you can be amazed when you visit it yourself!  We also went to a variety of little art galleries and museums, but the highlight by far, and which has stuck with me for a long time was seeing the Yayoi Kusama exhibition at the MOMA – Museo de Arte Moderno. Yayoi Kusama is an artist who uses extremely repetitive spots and patterns to create infinite-seeming spaces filled with excitement and exaggeration. Her story is truly mind boggling and I would highly recommend looking her up!

Source: ARGENTINA: Travel stories from Buenos Aires


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