Hello everyone!Sometimes, it doesn’t make much sense to do all of you travelling by broom. When you land in a new location, you usually have to use taxis and other forms of public transport. Or you have to be driven around by the people who you’ve come to visit, if you’re visiting specific people. Basically, you become reliant on others for your travel needs. This can feel pretty darn restricting. One of your options, of course, is to rent a vehicle for your trip. But this is rarely something that fills people with excitement. When we think about driving, we often think about mundane, everyday things. The drive to work. The drive back home. The drive to the store. The drive to and from school. People see vacations as a break from reality. And renting a car can sometimes feel like you’re inviting some of that everyday mundanities into your vacation. Perhaps you should be looking at it in another way. What really makes a vacation such a break from reality? For most people, it’s the break from stress. Having a break from stress is now one of the most important things you can do. Your vacation should go as smoothly as possible, which means being able to relax and being able to take control. Actually having a car so you can drive yourself around can help you with all of this.Some people will go as far as to transport their own vehicle to their vacation destination. Personally, I’m not sure that’s such a good idea. The logistics of such a thing are usually complex and expensive. Unless you’re taking a boat to your destination, I wouldn’t recommend it. It may seem like a smarter alternative to rental. But it often turns out to be more stressful, as well as more expensive.Plus, you have to remember that your car may not fit the standards of the roads of your destination. This is especially important for those who have cars that have steering wheels to the right of the vehicle. You can easily rent a car and go straight from the airport. This ensures that the vehicle is safe and legal in that country. It also speeds the entire process up. After all, who looks back with fondness on getting out of an airport using public transport and taxis?Renting a car allows you much more freedom and convenience at your destination. If you have to rely on public transport, then you’re going to be restricted by times, confusing routes, and inconvenient stops. But a car opens you up to a lot more options when travelling. It can help you reach accommodation that is a little out of the way – accommodation that’s usually much cheaper. It also gives you the freedom to explore off the beaten track. After all, a lot of public transport will be catered towards popular tourist destinations.It also helps you keep some level of privacy. When you’re on vacation, you’re often in public. Eating in restaurants, frequenting busy stores – even your hotel room can be entered by other people. A car can actually grant you a bit of peace and quiet!Do you like driving? Do you often rent a car to your vacation destination? Let us know in your comments below.Thank you for visiting and have a great day.Helene.Image credits: Driver Red car Silver car Featured ImageOriginal Blog Post here



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