My thinking and traveling mind


Morning view (NYC)


How do you view travel?

Are you at a job that requires you to travel? If so, do you like or love it? Is boring, is it exciting? These are the things that people want to hear about. Hearing stories no matter how big or small is enlightening to those that are thinking about that lifestyle.

Are you the curious traveler? The traveler that wants to go everywhere, but don’t know where to start? searching the internet and reading people’s blogs and or vlogs post about different areas. Research is key when you are thinking about destinations. No, I don’t suggest one day of research, I’m talking several weeks because it is in your best interest to learn as much as you can.



NYC Pier

Are you the adventurous traveler? The one that lives to travel because of the extra activities or excurshions that may or maynot be included and can be purchased for an additional cost. They are the ones that want to enjoy the full effect of the destination. For them it can be anything that some people would be too scared to do. They go in head first and enjoy every waking moment.



Different views

Are you the multi-destination person? Like to make many stops? Want to experience something different every few days? These are the people who love to travel and it is a lifestyle for them. For some people travel is all about the different life experiences in different places whether it be the states or internationally there will always be something different at each stop, but within a few days the experience is a totally different scene.

Travel is what you make of it. Research is the key to enjoying every bit of what the destination has to offer. Some may offer a once-in-a-lifetime chance and many, many people miss out on so much. Taking risks are what travel is about because you can’t experience the first impression a second time.


Hope you everyone liked this post. Thank you for reading and sharing


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