Winter fairy tale…

Characteristic of fairy tales is, among other things, the appearance of fantastic elements in the form of talking animals, such as humans, sorceries with the help of witches or wizards, giants and dwarves, ghosts and fables (unicorns, dragons, etc.); At the same time, many fairy tales bear social-social or social-expressive features and say much about the social conditions, eg about domination and slavery, poverty and hunger, or even family structures at the time of their formation, transformation or written fixing. After the written fixation of the fairy tales, a media diversification (images, illustrations, translations, recollections, parodies, dramatizations, film adaptations, soundings, etc., etc.) replaced the oral transmission. To this extent, the “salvation” of the fairy tales is, on the one hand, welcomed by the Grimm brothers on the other hand, but on the other hand this also means an abrupt end to the oral transmission of a mono-medial text type.Photo ¬©Chrissys_World

Source: Winter fairy tale…


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