Perfect for Summer – Buho Rock, Camotes

When I think of summer, I also think of the beach, clear blue waters, cloudy and sunny skies, beach bums, beach shore white sand, sun blocks and beach wears. Summer is that time of the year where everyone is willing to spend time and money just to have that perfect tan! Summer means to get away!Almost everyone has a beach resort in mind and I can only think of Camotes Island’s Buho Rock Resort right now. Few years back, my colleagues went for a two day adventure to Camotes Island. I tagged my husband with me who was my boyfriend at that time and boy, we just had a extreme beach time!Of all the beach resorts we had gone to in the said island, there’s one special resort which I couldn’t ignore its beauty. It keeps taunting me and I had been thinking of going back there in the future. Guys, please welcome – Buho Rock Resort. Here’s a view from the top of the resort.¬†Overlooking scenery showing off the various shades of green and blue on that clear water with a backdrop of a blue cloudy sky plus rocks! It is a perfect place to practice your back-flip jump skills as they provide a jumping slash diving board area.I super love the colors of the sea waters and the contrast from the sky. It was a bonus that the resort is located in a rocky hill. Trees are there to give enough shade for the resort’s guests who would go to the diving board area. One of the resort’s hut cottages, perfect view for an afternoon chill.Day tour was allowed at that time but I wonder if the rates had hiked up already but I would still be willing to go back, jump, dive, swim, sip a coconut juice and perhaps just chill all day long gazing on the beautiful ocean, calm and pristine. I might not think of going back to city perhaps. Just perhaps. Some locals were spotted fishing at the clear waters.¬† A colleague with deep thoughts.Related blogs:

Source: Perfect for Summer – Buho Rock, Camotes


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