Autumn in my Garden

Another piece that we found. The story and pictures are amazing(Booked Travels)

Some times we feel like we want to capture that amazing Autumn photo, and that we must go out into a far away place to capture that image.But more often than not a great image can be found in your home garden. It might just yield some great images, while enjoying a coffee or tea on your deck or patio. Look for color and contrast, in the shade or a sun touched little spot in the garden. My Japanese Maple provided me with some great opportunities to capture great colors, both on the outer ¬†areas of its branches as well as in its inner branches, where the color tones yielded some great contrast. Areas where light just touches a leaf in a gentle way may just give you a “magical touch”. A single fallen leaf on a stone surface may just give you a awesome contrast in colors as well as textures. A color and texture splash of fallen leafs can create a great texture composition as well as that great color “splash”. My Japanese Maple provides me with a great “wall” of red colors and textures. its a magical tree, beautiful in every season, so rich in color and textures. A great source of contrast in colors. We must not underestimate our garden as it can provide so many opportunities for some great photos and or a source of inspiration through its changes in every season.

Source: Autumn in my Garden


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