North Cyprus- less known travel destination

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North Cyprus is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean area. We all know about Cyprus island but not many of us know that this island is separate on two parts. South part is greek part of Cyprus and is more touristic. Many people goes there, on the other hand North Cyprus is turkish part and is less visited by tourist. Mainly Turkish citizens goes there ,but still this place is visited by more and more tourist lately. Fly Pegasus is one of the companies mainly Turkish that flight for a really great price to North Cyprus.Few times before i have been to south Cyprus and wasnt know what to expect from the north. Everytime when i was asking for info i got same basic info for this place. Not so developed and with cheaper prices than other side of the island. Booked my flight and went on this trip with no expectation and lot of desire for adventure .Two things are common with my area , super food and amazing friendly people. Northern Cyprus has been spared the worst effects of mass tourism and big beachside building. Now this quieter, Turkish slice of the island is finally coming into its own. One big plus is that Northern Cyprus is outside the eurozone (unlike the rest of the island) and the Turkish lira it uses offers much better value for the tourists.More for my wonderful trip you can read on my travel blog

Source: North Cyprus- less known travel destination


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